It is key to keep on reassuring yourself as you heal, that is one thing you can NEVER over do. work on being in love with the person in the mirror, who has been through so much but is still standing. You are worthy and you are on the path of growing beautifully in your own way. changing all the negative voices to positives, slowly transforming your your inner demons into your cheerleaders. It might seem farfetched or an impossible place to be but it is not, the journey won’t be easy but it will definitely be worthwhile. Your  story isn’t over yet!!

Remember that your mental health is a priority, your inner peace is essential and your self-care is necessary. You are enough, this is a tough journey and the fact that you are on it says mountains about your strength. Take your time healing, as long as you want. Nobody knows what you have been through so how could they know how long it takes to heal?  Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

I’ve added mental health & self care affirmations & check lists that  might be helpful. Remember to stick to the methods that are best for you!! I hope this has somewhat been helpful.

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